What Next? by Peter Wilding

2016 was a historic year for Britain as 40 years of uncertainty over our relationship with Europe ended.

After the referendum, what will be Britain’s role in Europe and, indeed, the world? What next, indeed?

Peter Wilding offers an arresting answer, plotting out a new course for Britain’s troubled relationship with Europe. He channels the pride Britain draws from its heritage through the prejudice Britain has historically had against Europe, and proposes a new popular-based platform for British influence in Europe: ‘smart power’. Wilding identifies how British leaders from Pitt to Cameron have attempted to use exactly this ‘smart power’ in their approach to Europe. He tells the story of their shared experiences in forging Churchill’s strategy―a long-term plan which put Britain at the heart of Europe and the Commonwealth and alongside the United States―and applies it to Britain today. Outlining a new approach for Britain’s leaders, Wilding proposes a new, positive vision to position Britain in a fast-changing and fractured world.

His book provides valuable new perspectives on the debate about what Britain does next after the EU referendum.

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