Contribute to Single Market Justice's Legal Fund

On December 29th we began legal proceedings to judicially review the Government’s legal position to give Parliament a vote to decide whether we stay in the single market or not – regardless of leaving the European Union under Article 50. The government don’t want a vote. To keep the legal campaign going, we need to raise funds. That’s why we’re campaigning to raise a minimum £127,000 to ensure our legal fees and other costs are met for not just this round, but future stages of the legal challenge.

or call: 0203 709 4726

We have an experienced team of solicitors and barristers behind us. Our solicitors are Harcus Sinclair LLP, led by Damon Parker and Rosanne Murray.  We have selected our barristers across three sets, Monckton Chambers, Serle Court and 4 Stone Buildings, to have the right combination of EU/EEA, international and public law expertise.  They are George Peretz QC, Anneli Howard, Dakis Hagen, Charlotte Beynon and Charles Marquand.

They are willing to work for rates lower than those the Government pays its own lawyers, but a huge amount of work is needed.

We believe in giving Parliament the final say over whether to trigger Article 127 to leave the single market, even after invoking Article 50 to leave the European Union. If you do too – donate to help us keep Brexit legitimate, lawful and beneficial to our economy, even after Article 50.