“On June 23rd 2016 I voted to restore the sovereignty of our Parliament, the supremacy of our Courts and democratic accountability in Government – I voted to leave the EU.

  • Remember: the Referendum question asked us if we wanted to leave the EU, it did not ask whether we wanted to leave the EEA – and neither did Parliament intend it to. The EEA is not an EU institution – it’s a “free trade area” across both EU and non-EU countries managed by a non-EU treaty. Our EEA membership is separate to our EU membership, is subject to non-EU international law and gives us non-EU rights and freedoms that the Government will remove without our consent if it takes us out of the EEA.

So, if we leave the EEA and the Government takes away our EEA rights and freedoms without first securing Parliament’s permission, it will go beyond the remit of the EU referendum, will act unlawfully, unconstitutionally and undemocratically – and most importantly will undermine the legal legitimacy of Brexit.

  • I voted to restore legitimate. democratic and lawful Government to the UK – the very values that makes this country admired across the world, the values of Magna Carta – the rule of law, liberty and freedom. But in leaving the Single Market without Parliamentary permission, we have already resorted to arbitrary Government taking liberties with our freedoms.

So, if you voted Leave because you believe in democratic accountability, the sovereignty of Parliament and the rule of law, then please have the courage of your convictions and, as a point of principle, please also support our campaign – and take a stand for the very values which were at the heart of our campaign to leave the EU.”

“I voted to remain in the EU and accept the result. So we are leaving the EU – but what is unclear is why we are also leaving the EEA? The EEA is not about ‘politics’. It’s about common sense.

  • After triggering Article 50, the Government says it will spend two years in Brussels buying negotiated access to the single market in exchange for more border control. But why bother when the EEA offers both the single market and border control?

Leavers say they want to be free of control by the European Court of Justice. But the EEA is governed by the EFTA Court, an organization set up by the UK. It’s official  language is English. The ECJ’s is French.

Leavers say they want sovereignty. But the EEA has no ‘Commission’ or ‘Parliament. It  is solely about pan-European free trade in the Single Market – a market equating to 25% of global GDP that takes nearly half the UK’s exports – which evolved from a British initiative.

  • With EEA membership no money goes to the EU budget but to projects agreed between the UK and the EEA contracting countries.  

At the very least the UK needs a strategy and a soft landing. In my book, What Next?,  I eexplain how  we don’t need to throw the single market baby out with the EU bathwater – the myth that advocates of  “hard Brexit” want you to believe. The referendum gave no mandate for “hard Brexit”. We need to ensure we do not waste the “ace card” in our Brexit negotiation hand and walk away from Britain’s greatest achievement on the continent of  Europe – the free trade single market. This view is shared by Remainers and Leavers alike: A recent poll showed the UK may have voted to leave the EU but 90% want to stay in the EEA.

And they can – by making sure Theresa May knows that leaving the EU is a different thing from leaving the single market and, if she wants us to leave the single market, thatParliament should have a vote on such a historic decision.”