About Single Market Justice

Single Market Justice is led by Peter Wilding and Adrian Yalland. On June 23rd 2016 Peter voted Remain and Adrian voted Leave. We disagreed over membership of the EU but we both agree Britain’s membership of the ‘Single Market’ or European Economic Area (EEA) was not something the referendum on EU membership covered. In fact, the EEA is not even an EU institution. We believe if the Government withdraws the UK from the Single Market Treaty without Parliamentary permission it will be acting unlawfully and unconstitutionally.

Staying in the Single Market has huge support. We need yours.

We have an experienced team of solicitors and barristers behind us. Our solicitors are Harcus Sinclair LLP, led by Damon Parker and Rosanne Murray.  We have selected our barristers across three sets, Monckton Chambers, Serle Court and 4 Stone Buildings, to have the right combination of EU/EEA, international and public law expertise.  They are George Peretz QC, Anneli Howard, Dakis Hagen, Charlotte Beynon and Charles Marquand. They are willing to work for rates lower than those the Government pays its own lawyers, but a huge amount of work is needed.

About Peter Wilding

Peter has worked in public affairs for over 20 years, including a spell heading-up David Cameron’s media operation in Brussels. Peter is a lawyer, lecturer, historian and author – and the man who invented the term Brexit. He is Director of British Influence, a pro-single market think tank. He has been a vocal advocate of continued British membership of the EU – arguing that Britain should have “taken control” of the EU’s reform agenda rather than giving-up on the EU.

Always a Eurorealist but never a Europhile, he regularly blogs about EU affairs, has written for all major newspapers and has appeared on the BBC News Channel, Sky News, The Daily Politics and The One Show. His book “What Next” (outlining a future vision of Britain’s relationship with the continent of Europe) seeks to drive forward a new policy imperative – to put the UK back at the heart of world affairs, including in helping re-shape the politics of continental Europe.

Twitter: @EuroRealist

About Adrian Yalland

After graduating in Politics and Government, Adrian completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Law. Adrian has worked in law, legislative affairs, public policy and politics for over 20 years, including time based in the Westminster and European Parliaments and is now based in a central London law firm.

Adrian spent a number of years advising the Magna Carta Trust, helping raise awareness of the importance of “the Great Charter” to liberty and the rule of law, and has made a number of media appearances talking about constitutional issues.

Adrian was an approved Parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party and instrumental in increasing awareness within the Party of the importance of international development. He was one of the initiators and organisers of the party’s “Project Umubano” programme which took David Cameron to Rwanda in 2007.

Twitter: @AdrianYalland